Creation Process

Creating a website requires a well-planned procedure, comprising a solid plan and precise design. We follow an iterative approach, in which the designer constantly evaluates the website, making changes to enhance usability and design.

Identification of Goals

The first crucial step is to clearly establish the goals of the website. This clarity guides the process.

Website Design

This phase determines the look, structure, and navigation of the site. We use software like Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Figma and more for graphic design.

Content Creation

Once the structure is planned, we add text, images, and other graphic elements required by the client after careful analysis with the designer.

Content Visualization

We create an engaging visual style, ensuring that the images are of high quality.

Development and Testing

The contents are published on a staging site to verify adherence to aesthetic and functional objectives. We collaborate with you to make changes and resolve any issues.